The X-Ray for Parking Lots

Camera Based Technology

Our Technology

Computer Vision for Parking Monitoring

Parking operators currently have limited choices in understanding and managing the open space data of their lots or garages. Neither expensive sensors (which cost hundreds of dollars per spot) nor cumbersome, ineffective, and inaccurate loop counters have satisfied the needs of the current day parking operator. ParkiT can provide open spot detection data faster, better, and cheaper!

Our proprietary technology takes advantage of modern computer vision and machine learning techniques in order to deliver accurate parking operation data having achieved 99% accuracy and at one-tenth the cost of competing solutions.

We can even integrate with existing camera systems to provide even more competitive and comprehensive installation.

Our Software

Building a better platform for parking operators

We've created a unique platform and API on top of our world-class vision system so that parking operators will never miss an event in their garage or lot.

Whether through our modern, real-time web monitoring interface or our clean RESTful API, parking operators are able to see the state of their properties and see exactly how their spots are being used, both in real time and historically.

We have the data that will enable the next generation of smart parking and transportation solutions, like self-driving/self-parking cars.

Parking Spot Map

Our Company

Humble beginnings

ParkiT was founded in March 2013 by Rice University undergraduate engineering students. Our team met at and participated in Rice's 3DayStartup event. We then went on to win second place in the Rice Undergraduate Venture Challenge. ParkiT have since then received support from the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership, Rice Engineering Alumni, and the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen.

ParkiT was also accepted into Rice University's OwlSpark accelerator program as an undergraduate team part of the first class of companies for summer 2013. There we learned and grew as a company through the mentorship of industry-leading entrepreneurs and professionals. After a successful pitch day, we've continued to grow our business by building partnerships with Rice University, the Texas Medical Center, and many others around Houston and the state of Texas.


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Xin Huang


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Jennifer Ding


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